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Hotel Uniforms & Hospitality Uniform Programs for Your Resort

Hotel uniforms and hospitality uniforms are a unique niche in the apparel market. The variety of departments and employee duties require special consideration when making your garment selections and implementing your hotel apparel program. WaitStuff Uniforms offers you expert guidance through the entire process. Our collection varies from wide variety of resort uniform shirts and classic suits for your front desk to heavy duty maintenance uniforms and wait staff apparel. We have grouped our hotel uniforms in easy to navigate sections and you are welcome to shop for uniforms online. But we ENCOURAGE you to call us at 888-992-4837 to discuss your needs with one of our hotel uniform experts. Our targeted consultation will help focus your needs, budget and time and your specialist will present you with smart options that work for the needs of your particular hotel property. Creating a cohesive uniform program for your entire hotel staff, from the front desk uniforms and bellman jackets to restaurant aprons and maintenance work shirts, is our business and our passion.
Tunic Vest
Tunic Vest
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Twisted Knot Ladies Sweater
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Red Kap Microfiber Housekeeping Tunic
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Shawl Collar Waffle Hotel Robe
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We think it's very important, and sometimes over looked, to consider your property type when selecting hotel uniforms. Different types of hotels have different needs and goals including creating a theme, reinforcing branding, presenting an image or improving performance. So, are you a budget hotel? Business hotel? Luxury hotel? Resort hotel? Family fun hotel? Historic hotel? Boutique hotel? Your uniforms can be an affordable and valuable tool with proper styling and function. The image your hospitality staff presents can definitely effect how your guests feel about their entire stay. Inspire feelings of trust, respect, excitement or relaxation. You might think that to get the look that is right for your hotel staff uniform shirts will be costly. That's one more reason to buy from WaitStuff Uniforms. Our buying power and careful selection of manufacturers lets us offer you the widest variety of uniforms at the lowest prices on the web. We don't just sell you our products. We work to get it right from the beginning and earn your continued business. Let's get started and build your truly successful uniform program.

Budget Hotel and Business Hotel: A smaller business type hotel may actually carry the same or very similar uniform throughout all of the staff. This type of hotel often has smaller numbers of employees in each department and more department crossover. So it could be appropriate to have your front desk, housekeeping, and other staff in the same look. The thing about the business hotel is that you probably don't need to out dress your guests, rather matching the business casual look is the way to go. Business hotel ideas: Polo shirts, oxford shirts, neckties, chino pants, vests

Luxury Hotel: Pretty much the opposite of the budget hotel. You need to really make a statement with your uniforms. Your guests expect to be greeted, checked in, cleaned and served by people dressed in appropriate uniforms that reflect the standard of your rooms and facilities. This is the time to have traditional suiting at the desk, flamboyant bellman and doorman uniforms, specific stylish uniforms for each restaurant outlet, outstanding spa uniforms, sporty high end fitness uniforms for your golf or tennis pro, and professional housekeeping uniforms. We can pull it all together by creating complimentary color combinations and uniform styling that is carried out through the entire hotel. Luxury Hotel Ideas: Custom bellman, custom valet uniforms, traditional doorman uniforms, Fashion trendy retail suiting, professional housekeeping uniforms, high tech fitness uniforms, beautiful spa uniforms.

Resort Property and Family Fun Hotel: Both of these hotel types are likely to be large properties with multiple dining outlets, pools and more. Like the luxury hotel, you will want to uniform all of your staff in complimentary but staff position specific uniforms. Unlike the luxury hotel, your goal is to put your guests in a relaxed, enjoyable, fun mood. So, your uniforms should be less stuffy and traditional. You have a great opportunity to express your creativity and think outside the box. Fun, relaxing color palettes, theme shirts, camp shirts and creative custom details are what will make you hotel guests feel like they are in another special world just for them. Resort Hotel and Family Fun Hotel Ideas: camp shirts

Historic Hotel and Boutique Hotel: OK, it may take just a little more effort (we can help with that) but your hotel needs to really find the uniforms that are suitable for your particular atmosphere. For example, if you are a historic hotel located in the west, western uniform shirts, patterned vests, or garters on the sleeves would be great. If you are a boutique hotel located in some swanky section of New York City, you probably need some very fashion forward, almost sexy uniforms to match up with your clientele. Whatever your uniform style or hotel niche we are here to help.

You should also keep your hotel rating in mind when choosing uniforms. The uniform of your staff will definitely be a part of the overall professionalism and atmosphere when being inspected for your hotel rating. One of the most important things to consider when selecting uniforms is the job function of each hotel staff member. You want the uniform to put your best image forward while being completely functional for the employee. Here are some of our suggestions:

Hotel Front Desk Uniforms should be a little more formal than other staff members and depending on your atmosphere. That could mean a polo shirt, a camp shirt or full suiting. If your front desk staff does double duty and performs housekeeping or bell functions you should be extra careful to choose a comfortable uniform shirt for them. But most often you want the uniforms at the front desk to create authority and display your professionalism.

Bellman Uniforms are a place where you can really let your creativity shine. The traditional bellman uniform is great and lets your guests know right away that your hotel takes good care of their needs. We offer customization on bellman uniforms to get the perfect look for you. Remember that your bellman likely go in and out and perform physical duty so be sure to accommodate that by considering moisture wicking shirts, short sleeve bellman shirts, uniform shorts and overcoats.
Hotel Housekeeping uniforms are truly a must for any hotel. These staff members are entering guests' rooms and you want to put your guests at ease with professional uniforms. Also remember that the housekeeping staff performs vigorous labor so keep them cool and comfortable with roomy tunics and comfy housekeeping dresses.

Banquet uniforms are often a very traditional black eton jacket and tuxedo pants. But in today's diverse market it is not unusual to have several uniforms for your banquet staff to wear depending on the function. So you may have polo shirts and khaki pants for business functions and full tuxedo uniforms for formal events and weddings.

Hotel Restaurant Uniforms are the perfect place to spotlight your style and create an experience for your guests. The breakfast café may just need a casual look with a crisp shirt and apron. But many hotels now offer several dining choices from five star dining to swanky clubs and highly themed restaurants. We are experienced in sourcing and coordinating all of your outlets.

By Lory Struver