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Logo Uniforms Buying Guide

Logo uniforms are essential to your business image and function. Whether you are opening a business or have decided to update your uniforms, we hope that this guide helps you wade through the multitude of choices you have when it comes to your uniform program. But… don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experts are ready to give you a personal consultation and discuss your business needs and uniform program goals. Call us at 888-9WAITER or email us today.

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Your image is the first thing you should think about when considering a new uniform. Your employees are the face of your business and often the first impression your potential customers have of you and your business. You want your uniforms to convey that you are organized, clean, professional and current. At first glance, your company uniforms can put your customers at ease and give a sense of trust and confidence in your company. A sharp look will set you apart from your competitors showing your customers that you care.
Image can also translate into branding when you carefully consider your style and color choices. It is a good idea to use some of your company colors in your uniforms but it does not have to be excessive. You could choose a particular piece like a uniform shirt or hat to showcase you company color and choose a nice contrasting color for the other pieces. You will also want to consider branding with your company logo on your uniform.
Don’t forget to think about what message you are trying to convey to your customers. The uniform can quickly communicate what you are all about. Particularly for restaurant uniforms, your message can be about having fun, enjoying a special atmosphere, modern cuisine, country kitchens or an endless list of themes. Our experts are here to help. After just a short conversation we will go to work to find the perfect uniform for your needs and present you with several options.

You want your uniform to reinforce you brand in every way. From the colors and styles you choose to the message you convey. One way to do this is to capitalize on your staff as walking billboards and brand your uniforms with your logo. We offer a variety of options including embroidery, screen printing, rhinestones and more. Our custom logo apparel experts will guide you easily through the process and ensure your satisfaction. 

We can also help you extend your brand and make you money with a merchandising program. Sell those hats and shirts with your logo and get advertising over and over when your patrons proudly showcase your company.

Fabric choices are critical to a successful uniform program. You have to think about what qualities are most important in your uniforms. What are your needs? Easy wash and wear? Lasting durability? Moisture management? Listed below we have types of fabrics as well as special enhancements for fabrics to help you understand the descriptions on our site.

100% Cotton – Natural, Breaths well but does not dry quickly, Resists Pilling, Tends to wrinkle and shrink.

Ring Spun Cotton – Natural cotton fiber that has been processed or spun creating a much softer feel and extended durability.

Combed Cotton – Like ring spun cotton combed cotton has all the benefits of cotton with a much softer feel and extended durability.

Polyester – Synthetic fiber, Resists wrinkles, Holds shape, Holds Color, Resists Stains, Durable, Some object to the feel.
Spun Polyester – All the benefits of polyester with a much softer feel.

Polyester Cotton Blends
You may notice that many of the uniforms on our site are poly/cotton blends. That is because this fabric offers the best of both worlds. The feel that people like with cotton and the wrinkle and shrink resistance of polyester. This is almost usually a great choice for uniforms.

Jersey –Knitted instead of woven, soft and breathable, slight stretch, often gets softer with every wash. Think T-shirts but jersey can also be used for golf shirts and tank tops.

Microfiber – Synthetic fiber, Ultra soft, Lightweight and breathable.

Broadcloth – Tightly woven fabric with a crosswise rib. Like poplin but finer. Commonly, cotton or poly cotton blends. Think traditional dress shirt.

 – Cotton or Blends this weave with two over, one under stitching is durable and soft. Often an upgrade i.e. the pinpoint oxford offers a mush softer finish.

Pique – Knit fabric characterized by raised cords or ribs in an all over waffle, honeycomb, or diamond pattern. Popular for polo or golf shirts.

 – A tightly woven plain weave fabric with crisscrossing ribs. Cotton or polyester blends.

 – Synthetic fabric with excellent softness and drape, like a synthetic silk. Absorbent. Tends to wrinkle and shrink.

Satin – Synthetic polyester fabric with a silky, shiny finish. Often used for vests, and bow ties. Usually dry clean only.

 – Cotton or polyester blends, Woven fabric with distinct diagonal lines on the face, Strong and durable. Examples include aprons, chef coats, and twill shirts.

Spandex – Super stretchy, retains shape, Resistant to washing and perspiration. Used nicely in our referee shirts.

Yarn Dyed 
– Yarns are dyed before the fabric is woven extending the color brightness and often improving softness.

Sueded Fleece – Fleece that is finished with a gentle sanding to create a luxurious soft feel.

Prewashed/Preshrunk – Fabric has been prewashed or treated to preshrink before construction to prevent shrinking.

Stain Resistant, Repellent, Release – Fabric has been treated to resist stains or release stains when washed.

Moisture Wicking- Fabric has been engineered to draw moisture away from your skin to be quickly evaporated.

 – Either treated or natural benefit of the material (like bamboo) to reduce odor causing bacteria etc.

Wrinkle Resistant – Fabric either by engineering, treating or by nature resists wrinkles for easy wash and wear.

We hope this info helps you navigate through the wide selection of uniforms available. 
Big piece of advice….If you have chosen any kind of moisture wicking, stain repellent, or wrinkle resistant fabric DON’T USE DRYER SHEETS. Dryer sheets “treat” you clothes with their own chemicals and will cover up or clog up these beneficial elements of your uniforms. Actually, we recommend not using dryer sheets at all as they will lessen the absorbency of any of your fabrics not just the high tech ones.

When it comes to uniform styles you have so many choices and we say GO For It! Why be like anyone else when you don’t have to. Express yourself. Even in corporate atmospheres we are seeing uniforms with personality and style. Here are some of our ideas:

Trade Show Uniform: Camp Shirts, Golf Shirts, Caps, Custom Ties

Restaurant Uniforms: Colored Aprons, Vest with Colored Shirt, Custom Ties, Logo Hats, Golf Shirts, Camp Shirts

Bar Uniforms: Printed T-Shirts, Referee Shirts, Fitted Dress Shirts

Retail Uniforms
: Golf Shirts, Twill Shirts, Embroidered Aprons

Sizing is by far the number one reason for costly returns and exchanges. Best case scenario we would recommend that you place a sample order in a variety of sizes for your staff to try on. If that is not possible then you must measure for sizing. Most item pages on our site have the size chart. They do differ from each manufacturer so review them carefully.

How To Measure:
For men, as a general rule, the number of inches measured will equal your size, when measured correctly. Be sure to measure your body. Do not measure over shirts or slacks. 
Neck: Measure around base of neck (lowest part). Number of inches equals neck size. 
Sleeve Length: Start from the center of the back of the neck and measure across the shoulder to the elbow and down to the wrist. 
Chest: With arms at sides, measure across fullest part of chest, under arms and across shoulder blades. Keep tape measure straight across back. 
Waist: Measure your natural waist at the height you normally wear your pants. Keep tape measure firm but not tight. 
Inseam: Measure inside of leg from crotch down to top of shoe. Or measure a similar style of pants that fit well. Measure from the crotch seam to the hem. 
Be sure to measure your body. Do not measure over shirts or slacks. Hold tape measure close but not tight against body. 
Bust: Measure across fullest part of bust/chest keeping arms relaxed at sides. Keep tape measure straight and parallel to the floor. 
Waist: Measure at your natural waistline at its smallest part.
As a general rule when ordering a men’s or unisex sized item for a woman you would order one size smaller than she would normally order in women’s sizing.

Don’t Forget Pants

Uniform pants are too often overlooked. And when your staff is left to come up with their own pants, shorts, or skirts you just never know what they will walk in wearing. Too short, too faded, too tight, or too low (don’t do crack!) are the common calamities that we see. If the pants are too low either because they are ultra-low rise (girls) or ultra large size (guys) the fabulous look you put together is ruined. So we say “Don’t Forget the Pants”!

Value, Quality, and Quantity
We realize that price is a major consideration when choosing uniforms. But it should not be the only factor. As the old saying goes…you get what you pay for. So will you really be happy if the uniform you choose fades quickly or if your staff cannot take care of them easily? Yes there may be short term uniform needs when you really only need the cheapest item available but more often than not ,you will actually spend less money in the long run if you spend a little extra up front. For the difference of a couple of dollars you can have a durable easy care shirt that will look good wash after wash. Less headaches more compliments, Yay!
Another way to save money on uniforms is with quantity. We offer big discounts for larger quantities. So we suggest that you order as much as you can at one time. Order for your current staff needs and add some for new hires and replacements. Not only will you save money you will also save time and effort by having items on hand when you need them and not having to go through the order process as often. 
You can also increase quantity and lower cost by purchasing items for your own merchandising. Selling hats, shirts, bags etc. can not only lower your costs but make you money.


Be sure to consider the job function when choosing your uniform apparel in terms of style, fabric, and cut. Your housekeeping uniforms need to be extremely easy to move in. Stain resistance is awesome for waiter uniforms. Our consultants are happy to help you put together a uniform program that is perfect for all of your staff. 


We can get your uniforms to you in as little as one day but it is not easy or cheap. Give yourself plenty of time to choose, size, order and implement your uniform program. We have millions of dollars of in-stock merchandise at our disposal in warehouse all across the country, but occasionally an item can be on back order or be shipping from a warehouse 5 days away from your location. We suggest that you contact us right away. We will ask you a few questions to understand your needs and get to work ensuring a smooth enjoyable experience.
By Lory Struver