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Waiter Supplies

All the tools and supplies you need to be a professional waiter and increase your tips! Diners love an organized food server that knows how to work their station. Why not use one of our waiter books to keep your orders and paperwork just right? Never lose a ticket again.

If you have ever broken the cork of the premium bottle of wine during service you will appreciate our professional corkscrews. You can have the smoothest cork extraction that ends in that perfect kiss every time with the tried and true Pulltap's line of wine tools.

As a waitress and hospitality manager for more that 15 years I have first hand experience in the hard work of food service and the aches and pains at the end of a long double shift. Not everyone can take the physical and mental challenge of being a food server... but if you are good and care about your job the rewards are worth it. For me it meant being able to support myself and my young daughter while working very few hours and enjoying my job to the fullest.

As I moved into management I began to see outside the box of the waitress station and understand the challenges of managing a restaurant. Hiring, training, supplies, injuries, legal issues...the list goes on and on.

I launched in 2005 believing that my experience in both management and service gave me a unique and intimate understanding of the restaurant business. The uniforms and waiter supplies we offer are high quality, current and functional but GREAT service is in our roots!

We have dropped (86'd) a few of our product lines in order to focus on what we do best, uniforms and waiter supplies. And what do you do when a dish is 86'd but make some alternate recommendations? We do too! Our recommendations for suppliers of training and management books, bar supplies and health products are above for your convenience.

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