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Work Pants | Uniform Pants

Uniform pants should never be left to your hotel or restaurant staff. Even if you are not going to buy uniform pants for your hotel or restaurant, be sure to be very specific about the style, cut, and fabric that you want your employees to wear. Casino pants are specially made without pockets.

Uniform pants generally come unhemmed. We offer you free hemming services on most of our pants. Our styles are range from modern to classy and even hip. We are ready to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Hotel uniform pants can range based on the jobs function and look that you are going for. In a restaurant the uniform pants are almost always black. And who doesn't love the fresh relaxing look of white cruise line uniform pants. What ever your style be sure to brouse each item and see what colors are available.
Low Rise Boot Cut Uniform Pants for Ladies
Low Rise Boot Cut Uniform Pants for Ladies
Now available in Black and Navy
Scotchgard™ Housekeeping Pants
Scotchgard™ Housekeeping Pants
3 colors to coordinate with our Hidden Placket Tunic.
As low as $17.71.