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3 Reasons for New Uniforms in 2015

Posted by Lory Struver on 5th Jan 2015

1. If you haven’t looked at new uniforms recently you may be surprised to see all the new technologies available today. Innovative fabric and garment manufacturing have taken employee uniforms to a new level in recent years. Soft microfibers, Teflon® stain protection, and wrinkle guard are all designed to keep employees clean and comfortable. Let’s face it…while we think your image is incredibly important your employees may not. Imagine not having to deal with wrinkled, stained and ill-fitting uniforms! You need to make sure your uniforms are easy to wash and wear and address the challenges of your staff. Have a look at how the Seattle Police Department just did this very thing here. WaitStuff Uniforms works to identify the needs and challenges of every client to develop a custom uniform program that works for you.

2. You just have to see the new fashions available for 2015. Yes, we said fashion. Say goodbye to boxy uniforms without pizazz. Your staff will want to wear our new looks because it is what they are shopping for themselves. Uniform designs straight from the runway are now stocked in every size. With new uniforms you can take advantage of great quantity discounts not available at the retail level.

3. The New Year often brings a new budget to adjust to. Why not take this time to review your staff uniforms? Are they working for you? Will your new budget require some reduction in cost or is there room for upgrades? Apparel pricing has steadily increased over the last few years but there are still deals to be had. Let us give you a competitive quote on your current uniforms and find solutions that meet your needs and your 2015 budget.

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