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5 Tips for Screen Printing Uniforms and Branded Apparel

Posted by WaitStuff Uniforms on 16th Feb 2016

Simple is Often Better

When developing graphics for screen printing remember to reinforce your brand and don’t drown out your logo. Too many colors and complex images can lead to confusion about your company and services. Just make sure your branding is clear.

Be Willing to Be Flexible

A professional screen printing house is your key to success. Use their knowledge and experience to the fullest. The printing process can be complex. The final product and the cost are effected by lots of factors including colors, inks, fabrics, design and artwork. Sometimes little tweaks of the art is all it takes to make take your image wear from ok (sitting in a drawer) to awesome (frequently worn favorite tee)! Working with and listening to your professional ensures your ideas and designs translate to a fantastic end product.

Color, Color, COLOR

Take a minute to think about those popular and memorable logos. A great logo seems to have everything going for it and if done correctly the consumer can think about your logo when looking at colors. Creamy pink makes me think of that spoon full of delicious Baskin Robbins ice cream! Golden yellow… triggers actual mouth-watering reminding us of those hot and salty McDonald’s French fries. So try to keep you color palette thoughtful and consistent through your packaging, print collateral and screen printed image wear.

Better Safe than Sorry

One last thing you need to remember is that once printing is complete it cannot be undone or returned. In most cases, there is no going back and fixing a mass amount of shirts. How do we prevent this? The design proof provided by your professional is your chance to verify and approve all the details of your order including, colors, size, placement and more. Do not just sign this legal document without carefully reviewing every detail.

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