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Housekeeping Uniforms | A Relevant Tradition

Posted by Lory Struver on 14th Apr 2014

Of course the housekeeping staff play a vital role in your daily hotel operations and the housekeeper’s uniform does the same. The physically demanding and laborious tasks including cleaning the guest rooms, lobby and other facilities are the very things that your resort will be judged upon. Don’t overlook the fact that your image will be created, in part, with the appearance of your employees and that your room attendants have specialcontact with your guests. They do not interact as directly or verbally as the front desk or bar staff. They have a quiet, even intimate, contact that requires trust and grace. Uniforms that allow the employee to work comfortably yet keep a professional appearance go a long way to building that trust and confidence.

The maid or housekeeping uniform actually has history and was created with intention and thought. In the Victorian Era garments were chosen to establish social position and appearance as well as for very functional reasons. These excerpts may seem old fashioned but actually translate directly to what modern housekeeping uniforms should do for your hotel.

“As a general rule, ladies do not like to see their maids dressed in the clothes they themselves have worn – except in wearing a black or a dark-coloured silk – the difference in the social scale of mistress and maid renders this unpleasing.
The dress of a lady’s-maid should be studiously neat, although tasteful. She should wear nothing likely to spoil or impede her in her various duties-above all things she should cultivate personal cleanliness as her chief charm and adornment.” Cassells Household Guide, c.1880s

“A housemaid’s dress is of some importance. When engaged in her morning work, washable materials are the best; a wide holland apron should always be worn over one of white material whenever house-cleaning is going on. If the servant be required to appear at the front door, or wait upon the family whilst at dirty work, by casting aside the outer apron she is able to appear at a moment’s notice in a presentable manner. For afternoon wear in the winter, very dark or black French twill dresses are suitable, inexpensive, and easily washed.” Cassells Household Guide, c.1880s

“If the parlour-maid answers the door, she should be neatly attired, and ready at a moment’s notice to present herself creditably before strangers. A servant of good address at a professional man’s door, is as much a matter of personal recommendation of the employer as the situation of his residence. Some amount of forethought on the part of the mistress is necessary to ensure cleanly appearance in a door-servant; but the attempt is worth making, if only for the sake of favourable first impressions on the part of strangers.” Cassells Household Guide, c.1880s

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