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Winter IS Coming… Stay Cool, Stay Warm, Stay Professional

30th Oct 2015

So your uniform program is working well and looking good, but are you ready for the chill of winter? Are you prepared for your employees to cover up your awesome uniforms with layers of warmth? WaitStuff Uniforms has your back! We provide alternatives to covering up your business logo or the awesome uniforms you have invested in. Gear up your staff with our warm winter outerwear. We offer a variety of sweaters and jackets to perfect your business image in the chilly months. Our uniform cardigans and vests are just the ticket when you need a variety of styles and colors to easily coordinate with your current uniforms. Your staff will be tickled to know that you care about their comfort while working. Well-chosen outerwear makes it easier for your customers to recognize your brand, making it a fantastic marketing tool as well. On top of all that, it also keeps your employees at top performance and looking professional… huge pluses for you!

Winter Uniform Vest

Custom Company Cardigan

Jackets and Outerwear from rain coats to parkas for your winter uniform program